Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Return of Rigby's Blog

Rigby's toe has healed and she is back to her normal routine, so I thought it was time to start up her blog again and keep track of her progress.

In the past few weeks Rigby has been on limited activity while her toe healed, but her training has continued and she certainly has continued to grow!  

I hadn't had many chances to take photos of Rigby lately, so I'm happy to have some new photos to share to show how nicely she is growing up.  The speed with which she is maturing is a bit alarming and I'm already feeling that my puppy is almost gone and a young dog taken her place.

Happy to be allowed on the couch again.

Contemplating her next attack on Rocky.

She's growing into her ears, too.
 Rigby was not allowed to play with Rocky while her toe was healing and she is now so happy to again get to spend time with her big brother -- although he's not seeming quite so big to her as she is catching up to him in height.

Getting warmed up for play time.

Getting almost as big as Rocky.

Meeting up with Rocky outside.

This week Rigby has been losing a couple of her teeth, so we've not been playing any tug or playing fetch with the dumbbell, only retrieving her glove.

We've taken some nice walks in the park when the weather has been warm enough and Rigby has enjoyed the change of scenery and meeting new friends along the way.

Although it was quite cold and snowy today, Rigby was quite happy to take a walk around the neighborhood and then spend some time playing in the snow.  Another great chance to get some photos of a pretty girl.

To close this blog entry, here's a couple more photos of Rigby in the house just being Rigby.

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  1. YAY Rigby's back! :-)
    She is getting so big so fast... too fast!