Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Quiet Week at Our House

We've enjoyed a quiet week at our house with no really exciting news to post.  There has been our usual training time, morning play time and, of course, our walks -- one day we even made it to the park, although it rained lightly during our walk.

Rigby has mastered the Easy button trick and I've added a "command" to it.  I think she'd continue to click the button for an hour if I'd let her!

The highlight of our week was a training/play date with Karen Schroeder and her pup Skye.  Since our last visit with Skye she has grown up so much and is a lovely, happy, playful girl.  The two pups enjoyed their playtime together.

Rigby also got to see an agility tunnel again and had fun running in and out of the tunnel.  She even decided to share her Easy button with Skye and Skye's reactions to the button were priceless.  Wish I had been taking a video of her first few minutes figuring out the new, strange toy.

Skye really impressed Rigby by her progress with her training in heeling.  Rigby has decided that she better start working a bit harder on this skill!

Thanks, Skye and Karen, for joining us for an evening of fun for the pups and some much needed fun for me, too!

Next up for Rigby, we're going to take a retrieving class.  There will only be up to five dogs in the class, so, in addition to giving her a good foundation for retrieving, it should be a good atmosphere for a young, excitable dog to learn about behaving in a class situation.

The other great news I have to report is that Rigby should be back to tracking this Saturday and I'm anxious to spend time in the park with our tracking friends and to watch Rigby get back to tracking.  It's been eight weeks since she last tracked, but I think she'll remember her lessons and move on quickly.  We've worked quite a bit on retrieving a glove during this hiatus and I'm hoping that that training will carry over to her picking up the glove at the end of her tracks.  I'll try to get some video of Rigby tracking in the next couple of weeks.

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