Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Walk In The Park With Rigby

 It was such a beautiful day for a walk, so Rigby and I headed out to Washington Park to hit the wooded trail.

I decided to take the camera along and record some of the things we saw along the way, as well as get some new photos of Rigby, who is growing into a very lovely young dog.

My view of Rigby during most of our walks.
There are a few areas of the park that have log cabins.
This area looks like a little settlement.
Rigby liked the split rail fence...
...I just didn't expect her to leap over it!

I think she enjoys these afternoons jaunts.
Heading down the trail.
Afternoons are quiet and we don't see too many people on the trails.
Rigby gets to stroll out ahead when the trails are empty.
A look at the trail.
Heading toward the next trail.

I took a few photos of things we saw in the park today as we walked along.

Of course there were many spring plants...
...and flowers.

Washington Park is the home of the Pony League Baseball World Series and there are many ball fields all throughout the park.  Today there was a girls' fast-pitch softball game taking place in one of the fields.

A boy and his 3-month-old puppy, Chloe.
Two guys throwing a Frisbee.  Rigby was enthralled watching them
and then when the Frisbee rolled toward her she tried to steal it away!
Another of the log cabins.
This building is in the center of the park.  It is open air and
has a dance floor and a stage and benches lining the sides.

Rigby thought she'd take a rest on the bench inside the park building.

Such a pretty girl!
Wish every day was a walk in the park!  Those days when you need a pick-me-up there's nothing better than spending time with Rigby on the park trails!

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