Thursday, May 2, 2013

Frankie, The First Dog in my Heart

Frankie should be known as The First Dog because he brought so many firsts into my life.
He was my first Weimaraner.
He was my first rescue dog.
He was my first obedience dog.
He was my first rally dog.
He was my first agility dog.
He was the first dog I took to the Weimaraner Club of America's Specialty week.  (I dubbed him National Frankie during that time)

It was because of Frankie that I learned that obedience training clubs existed.  He was a dog who was very smart and needed a job and I'm glad we found so many fun things to keep him occupied.

If you know me because of anything to do with dogs it is because of Frankie that we met -- and that's a lot of my friends and acquaintances!

Frankie came to us at almost 4 years old.  We were at least his 3rd home.  He had fear aggression and a fear of men.  He was a beautiful dog, but a poor example of a properly bred Weim.  He only had one coat and was nearly naked on his belly area.  He came with a blanket that we always called Frankie's blankie and when he left this world he was resting on that blanket.

Frankie was retired early from agility because of health issues and just because although he loved to go to shows and activities, he just got too nervous and it was very hard on him.  He came with a lot of baggage, but he learned to love and he loved so many people.  If he met you once he remembered you and would greet you enthusiastically.

The home where Frankie lived before he came to us was just not suited to a Weim and the people did not understand Frankie.  We were told he was constantly told, Bad, dog. Bad, Frankie.  I made sure, as he was slipping away, that I told him repeatedly what a good dog he was.

Frankie and I didn't take the show world by storm, we didn't impress anyone with our less than stellar performances, but we had fun together and I learned so much from him.

I'm going to miss this dog so very much, he was always by my side when I was home.  He slept next to my bed every night and every morning at 3:00 (almost on the dot) he woke me up to slip into bed with me under the covers.  Frankie was always happy to see me, always there when I needed him.

If you were lucky enough to have met Frankie you were very, very lucky.  I feel so fortunate to have had him for a companion for the years he was with us.

His full name was --
Frankie Blue CD RE NAJ CGC

Rest in Peace, Frankie        

                        1/20/2000 to 5/2/2013

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  1. tears.... thank you for sharing Frankie!