Friday, June 21, 2013

Rigby at Nine Months Old

It's been almost a month since I last updated Rigby's blog.  From April through September, while I'm working for the Pittsburgh Pirates, my work schedule is rather erratic and so most of our training takes place at home in the mornings and we aren't out and about as much to have adventures that are worthy of posting.

I don't want to totally pass by Rigby's 9-month birthday, though, and with the aid of some photos taken the week she turned 9-months old this post will memorialize this next phase of her young life.

Rigby's official 9-month birthday photo.
Taken by Barb Blanchfield
At nine months Rigby is a wonderful pup.  I look back on the Weim foster pups that I've had at 4 months, 7 months and 9 months old and it just astounds me even more that anyone can part with their dog at those young ages.  She is not perfect, far from it, but she is a well behaved young lady and a joy to have around the house. 

Rocky and Rigby continue to play together very well.  Their latest game has become a game of take away involving Nylabones.  Whatever bone Rigby is chewing becomes the one Rocky wants and, vice versa, the bone that Rocky has becomes the envy of Rigby.  It amazes us to watch their antics as each one works to find ways to outwit the other and steal their bone.  Rocky will resort to just very gently taking a bone right out of Rigby's mouth, but, of course, Rigby will sit on the couch and tease him with her bone, dangling it out of her mouth, holding it at the very end of it.

Last night Rigby discovered fireflies and was mesmerized by the sight of them and jumping in the air trying to catch one.  She is always watching for rabbits on our walks and would love to catch one.

Tonight there were four children, ages 7 to 12, waiting outside when I took Rigby out for a potty break and she was pretty well behaved meeting the kids, not jumping up and very little mouthing.  They thought she was just great and enjoyed petting her.  Of course, Rocky had already charmed the kids with his kisses and tail wags and warmed them up for Rigby.

Rigby accompanied me to the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club's Friday obedience and rally trials where I was serving as the trial secretary earlier this month.  While there we were lucky enough to have a short photo session with Barbara Blanchfield and the resulting photos are precious, sweet and funny.  Rigby was quite well behaved and cooperated fully, although she did seem to get just a bit bored with the whole process.

Rigby did not try hard to hide her
feelings of boredom with the photo shoot.
Photo by Barb Blanchfield
This is a typical Rigby pose, giving that
  "what do you mean by that look."
 Compare it to the photo below from
 when she was about 3 months old,
rather similar!
Photo by Barb Blanchfield
One of Rigby's Christmas photos.
Photo by Barb Blanchfield
Another reason for the photo session with Barb was to obtain photos for an emergency I.D. tag for Rigby.  This tag will be attached to Rigby's crate in our car and if there would be an accident or something would happen to me it contains important information to ensure that Rigby will find her way to safety.

These emergency I.D. tags were sold by WCOTC
at their obedience and rally trials this month.

Photos and important information in case
 of an accident or medical emergency.
The photos and information are printed on card stock and it is inserted into a protective, plastic envelope that can be attached to a crate.  Very good precaution to take for those unexpected and unwanted situations.

And, yes, for these photos I asked Barb to make sure that all of Rigby's white markings were visible, as they are unique to my girl and could be a great way to identify her if she were missing.

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  1. Great post! Rigby looks fantastic!
    Love these ID cards! What a good idea...