Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Update on Rigby's Leg Injury

Monday Rigby went back to the vet to get the drain removed from her leg.  Her wound is looking good and the healing has started.  I also got the good news that it didn't look like any tendon or ligament damage had been done by the puncture wound.

The biggest problem we're having with Rigby is keeping her happy while she is wearing a cone and enduring two weeks of crate rest.  I've been trying different ideas to try to make her days easier on her.  I've been doing some light training with her, which has worked out well.  I've tried having her rest beside me on the couch without her cone on, but that hasn't worked as well, as she doesn't want to stay still and she wants to lick at her leg.

I asked the vet how much Rigby could be walked, since I had been walking her around the yard a bit, but I really didn't know what her limitations were.  I was told she could walk 15 to 20 minutes, but do no more than a walk, which, with any 10-month old puppy would be a challenge, let alone with a high-energy Weimaraner puppy.  

Today I experimented with walking Rigby around a bit more and, although it's not easy to keep her at a walk, I think several short walks a day will help Rigby through this time of healing.  We find that when she is outside there are many more things to keep her interest away from her leg and so she can have the cone off while enjoying some time away from the crate.  Right now I'm just keeping her on our property and the street in front of the house, but as time goes on we'll venture out a bit further.

Walking Rigby around the yard and driveway reminds me of those days of walking young horses who are on stall rest, you have to be alert and ready for anything, because you never know when they're going to leap into the air.  The nice thing for me is that walking a young pup is much safer than those horses we used to walk.

I'm continuing to find more activities to keep Rigby's mind busy for the next ten or so days and things seem to be getting a bit better each day.  My goal is to turn this lemon of an injury into sweet lemonade by teaching her some new behaviors that will be useful in her future obedience career.

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