Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 In Review

2013 didn't go quite as I had planned and it brought many unexpected happenings for Rigby and our family.  For Rigby it included a broken toe, surgery on her leg for an injury and a case of pyometra with an emergency spay.  For Dan it was a pacemaker and for me knee surgery.

All those interruptions in our training put us a bit behind in our training schedule, but we'll just have to work harder in 2014 to try to catch up!

Rigby grew up so quickly and matured into a lovely young dog over the past year.  Here's a bit of a review of 2013 in photos...

With her big brother Rocky
One of my favorite photos of Rigby.

She loves to carry sticks on our walks and sometimes carries
branches so large that I don't know how she can do it.
Play time with her friend Skye!

A walk in Washington Park

She surprised me by jumping this fence!
Some of you might remember the red pen
incident, when she dyed her chest and legs!
A bit of shaming for Rigby.

Glamour shots!
A BIG yawn!
My very pretty girl!

Playing with Rocky!

Cone of shame.

Rigby learned the hard way not to get into Rocky's food dish.
He bit her leg and she had surgery.

All was soon forgiven and they were back to playing again.

Summer fun!
Rigby's birthday party!

Rigby's Halloween collar.
Watching for the trick-or-treaters.

Checking out the bird feeder on our deck.

Rigby loves nap time with her dad!

Dressed up for Christmas.

Checking out the goodies in the Christmas stockings.

Tracking was the one activity that Rigby and I were really able to train on a pretty regular schedule and she has shown a love for tracking, as well as great potential for the future.  Here is a video of one of her tracks:

In 2013 I lost my best friend and my first Weim, my rescue boy Frankie.  I miss him every day, his antics and his fun personality.  He was always there to greet me when I came home and to comfort me after a bad day.  

Rigby is doing well at filling in for Frankie, she reminds me of him in several things she does, such as inspecting all bags that come into the house and digging through the toy box to find just the right toy to play with.

Here's to a great 2014 for all of Rigby's friends and family, including all the Grayhart puppies!


  1. What a busy year! Rigby has grown up and just a beautiful girl!!
    All the best to you, Dan, Purps and Rocky for 2014~~

    1. Thanks, Kellyann! I'm having fun watching CeCe, too! She getting almost famous very quickly!! Hope 2014 is good to you and yours!!