Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GTOTC Basic Class 2014

This post is for the GTOTC Basic Obedience class that I taught starting in January 2014 and ending with graduation day on March 10, 2014.  Assisting me was Stephanie Barber, and I thank her for all her help and support, with a special thank you to her collies for being our outstanding demo dogs throughout this basic class.

We had a nice-sized class of 8 dogs and even through a couple months of horrible winter weather we kept up a very good attendance record as a whole.

The dogs were all very quick learners and there was a lot of progress in behavior over the 8-week class.

As a graduation exercise on the last night of our class I set up a rally course that included heeling, sits, downs, heeling through cones and a few tricky turns. The class also successfully completed their 30 second stays in the sit and down position.  We also practiced our recalls one last time.

Here's a series of photos from the last class and the presenting of the graduation certificates: 

A very nice sit by Max

Weaving through the cones

Nice sit, Bailey!

A very good front.

Ares shows a good front...

... and the finish!

Jack getting ready for the rally course.

Happy heeling.

Max in the cones.

Max performs the "down."

Another very nice sit by Bailey.

Bailey finishes her "finish."

The "sit" ...

... and the "down".

Ares weaves through the cones.

Pretty sit, Ares!

And the "down."

Jack shows a good "front."

"Down, Jack."

The celebratory cupcake cake with a dog cookie on top!

The following photos show the dog/handler teams who were present receiving their certificates:

Congratulations to the whole class on a job well done!!

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