Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tracking Memories

Tracking is one of my favorite activities to do with my dogs, as I love being outside, walking the hills, fields and in the woods.  It's a great feeling to be holding the line and following behind your dog as he leads you along that invisible trail, making turns, climbing hills, working to find that glove at the end of the track.

This week I stumbled upon a CD of four video clips of a track I did with Rocky in April of 2010.  I had forgotten that this CD existed and I thought I'd share it here for those who might enjoy watching it.

Thanks to Marge Gemerchak for taping this and capturing a wonderful memory of those days of tracking with Rocky, my first tracking dog!

This past weekend was the GTOTC tracking test at Mingo Creek County Park in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  We had beautiful tracking weather on Sunday and had 2 of 3 TD passes and 2 of 4 TDX passes, the best results we've had at our tests for years.

I'll share a few photos from the day here:

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