Monday, November 12, 2012

Rigby Comes Home - Day 1

Rigby came home on November 11, 2012.  She was born September 15, 2012, in a litter bred by Linda and Walter Hartheimer, who have Grayhart Weimaraners.  

This litter is known as The Rockstar litter and the puppies' names were to be based on the playlist from the top 100 Guitarists of all time on the "Rolling Stone" magazine listing.  So because the Hartheimers live in New Jersey and Rigby and her litter mates survived Hurricane Sandy, her registered name is Grayhart's Rider on the Storm.

Rigby's breeding is:
BIF BISS CH Pike's Peak Silversmith Summit SH SDX NRD V
CH Grayhart's Purple Haze CD JH OA OAJ SD CGC VX

The call name, Rigby, came from the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby," one of the songs I considered to use as a name for my pup.  When we discovered there is already a Weimaraner with that song title in her name, the decision was made to find another formal name that would be more unique, but I loved the name Rigby so much as a call name that I did stick with that.  So, in a sense, Rigby is named for two rock songs.

My plan is for Rigby to be a performance dog, specializing in tracking, obedience, rally and agility and possibly trying some field work.  Our journey together is just beginning and I hope to share our adventures on this blog, so follow along if you'd like!

Rigby was the purple puppy in her litter and her new collar continues with that theme.

These photos are from her first day in her new home.
The trip from New Jersey to Southwestern PA to bring Rigby home was a 7-hour drive, which she tolerated very well, hardly making a peep and only requiring two potty breaks along the way.

Her first day in her new home also went well and she was introduced to the clicker and started learning to sit.  She is a quick learner and will be fun to play with and train.

Here are some photos of Rigby at play.


  1. I did the same with Swing's litter. Right now I have been delinquent in posting but for the first year there was a lot to talk about. At least you only have one puppy to keep tabs on! Have a blast with her Nina, especially these first couple of months when you can set the foundation for everything you want to do with her (get her out tracking now BTW!).

  2. Yes, I plan to introduce her to many things in the next few months and that includes training as many exercises as I can. We plan to start tracking as soon as possible! She needs one more set of shots, I think, and she'll be out and about everywhere. Can't wait to start tracking!!
    She is enrolled in a puppy class that starts in early January and by then I hope she knows most of what they will be teaching.
    Should all be fun!!

  3. Good girl! This is the time that I really like from a training perspective. They are a lot of work but hopefully it all pays off in the end!

    Swing will be out tracking this weekend and then it is off to the kennel. My 17mo little girl finally came in heat last weekend so to avoid any accidents and whatnot she'll go away and Dodge and I will do some much needed bonding.

    1. I'm sure enjoying the first week!
      Can't wait to start tracking with her, should be lots of fun.
      By the way, I love the name Swing, so much action in that name.