Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rigby, Thanksgiving and Photos

Rigby's first Thanksgiving was a pleasant, warm day and she enjoyed going for a walk around the block and a run in a field in celebration of the big day.  In the evening she pestered her brother Rocky and gave him a few kisses.

Rigby's training continues and she now offers a sit as a default behavior and looks to me to deliver a treat for her good behavior.  We started working fronts and finishes to the left this week and even a few steps of heeling.  She is doing downs from a stand, as well as a sit.  She seems to enjoy working -- oops, playing and I'm keeping the sessions short and trying to keep it all fun.

This week Rigby went back to Lowe's and met more people and we even did some training in a quiet area of the store, some sits and downs.  

She loves her lion toy!
The biggest adventure for Rigby this week was going to her first photo session today!  We drove for over an hour to get to the location and so she got more crate time in the vehicle and she traveled well both coming and going.  The photo session was held at a dog training school and this was the first time Rigby had gone to a place with strange dogs and I'm sure there were many new smells.  We kept her up and away from the other dogs and she seemed to handle it all very well.

When it was time for her photos she behaved very much as a puppy should, but Barb was able to get some cute shots despite her antics.  I am so anxious to see the final photos and to share them here on the blog!

She's growing up quickly!
I can't wait for her to get her next set of shots on December 10 so that she will be able to go more places with me, begin tracking and meet more people.

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  1. WOW!! She is a superstar :-) Nina... you are such an inspiration. Can't wait to see her photos!