Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week One - The Fun Begins

It's hard to believe that Rigby has been with us one full week!  It took her a few days to settle in with us, but now she seems at home and she's playing hard and getting used to our schedule and becoming a part of the family.

Rigby and my older Weims are doing well together.  She likes to jump on Rocky's bed and last night Rocky gave her a few play bows and initiated some friendly play.

After some crying the first few days, Rigby has become used to being put in her crate and rarely makes a peep.  She is sleeping through the night, eating with gusto and playing with her many toys.

This week Rigby went to Lowe's and met lots of people who thought she was very cute.  She went to my friend's beauty salon and charmed everyone there.  Rigby also had her own beauty appointment and got her nails done at another friend's grooming shop.  She spent time riding in the car in her crate and learned that she can stay in the car while I run short errands at different stores.

Rigby loves to play outside!  She seems so happy when she is out in the grass and leaves and is always exploring and finding new things to check out.

Her training has begun and this week we worked on playing tug, sitting and laying down.  Here's a video of some of our training:

Today we played outside a while and here are a video and some photos from our time in the woods:

Taking flight - almost literally


Surveying her realm

A Rigby Recall

A regal Rigby

Listening to gun shots in the distance

Stalking some imaginary prey

Striding through the woods


  1. A whole week! I can't believe it...Thank you for this blog... it makes me staill able to have my "weekly visits!"

    1. I'll try to keep the blog up so you can see how she is doing as she grows. She is a handful at times, very mouthy and into everything!

  2. I am so proud of everything you are doing with our little Rockstar! She is awesome!