Sunday, December 2, 2012

Playing, Training, Playing -- 11 Weeks Old

Rigby is now 11 weeks old, just one more week and she'll be able to go out and about, visiting more places, meeting more people and, most importantly, meeting dogs!

I got a couple of the photos from her photo shoot last week and I have to say that this one of her with all the purple is my favorite.  She looks like such a show off in this photo.

That is Rigby's favorite lion toy in front of the basket.

This week we continued our training and Rigby seems to enjoy our playtime together and loves to work for food.  She is becoming more and more fun to work with.

Yesterday I took Rigby to Mingo Creek County Park and we spent some time outdoors enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Here are a few photos from our time at the park.

Miss Adorable

Pretty girl

Rigby is always a busy girl.
I love this action shot!

Such a sweet puppy!
This morning I took Rigby to a local training building and we had some time to play and train in a new environment.  Two friends, Karen and Pat Yohe, joined me and we had some fun with Rigby.  She played hard and when she was almost worn out we took a video of her doing some of her training with me, playing with the pretty dog in the mirror, exploring the room and just having some fun.

After the video, we trimmed her nails and Karen found that Rigby has a "sweet spot" under her chin where she loves to be caressed and she almost fell asleep while having her nails done.

Just before we left, one of the owners of the training school stopped in and while Pat, Karen and I talked with Machell Rigby continued to explore the building.  She found the agility A-Frame that was stored just inside the door of the room adjacent to the training area and, before I knew it, Rigby disappeared from my view.  I ran to check on her and, sure enough, she was halfway up the A-Frame, ready to keep climbing.  I guess she wants to learn agility in addition to obedience!

Rigby is now taking a well-deserved nap and I think she loved her morning at the training building.


  1. She is absolutely fabulous! Love her little setups and great recall. So darn smart - beauty and brains! Keep up the great work.

  2. Congratulations on your fabulous new puppy, Rigby! She is a darling and so very focused and aware. You're off to a great start for all things wonderful. I look forward to more Rigby news!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I wanted to congratulate you on Bravo's latest best of breed, he is a gorgeous dog and you must be so proud.
      I look forward to many fun years with my little Rigby!