Monday, December 31, 2012

Rigby at 15 Weeks Old

Rigby continues to grow and develop and it's hard to believe she is already 15 weeks old!

It was time to move up to a larger collar.

With her big brother Rocky.

We met with Deb Cecotti for a training session on Wednesday, the day after Christmas, and Rigby and I showed her what we have been working on.  Deb gave us lots of great ideas on how to improve and move forward on the exercises we had been working and she also gave us plenty of new exercises to learn in the coming weeks.  The session was fun and motivating and, of course, I love to show off what Rigby has learned to this point!

The disappointment this week was that because of an overnight snowfall our Saturday tracking group was cancelled, leaving us with extra time on our hands.

Since I was dressed and ready to go out in the cold temperatures, I took Rigby out for some fun in the snow early Saturday morning.  She had fun exploring the snow and jumping and playing, but it was quite cold and it wasn't long before she was ready to go back inside to the warmth of the house.

Later in the morning Rigby and Rocky had some great play time together.  They so enjoy each other, playing tug with the toys, keep away or having a barkfest to express their opinions to one another.

Rocky is very patient with Rigby, but he keeps her in line!

Warming up for the big games.

It won't be long before Rigby won't be able to play one of her favorite games with Rocky, Over and Under.  She loves to walk under his belly and she is always walking over him when he is laying down.  Here are some photos of the Over and Under game:

Under she goes.
It's becoming a bit of a tight fit.
Rocky is a good sport about playing her games.
She tries his patience from every angle.
Then when Rocky lays down, the over part of the game
 is set in motion.
I'm not sure of the scoring system for this game,
but I'm sure Rigby wins every time.
And there she goes again!
Then there's the barking game they play, that looks much more vicious than it really is, but Rigby holds her own with Rocky and doesn't back down.

The prelude to the game.
Rocky gives his opinion...
...and Rigby digests what he said...

...then she lets him know what's on her mind.
Rocky won this game as he got the last word -- or bark in!
Their tug of war games are epic and this day it was the toucan caught in the middle.  It's almost like watching a dance as they circle the room.

Here are a few other shots of their fun and games.

Rigby launches herself at Rocky.

This is one of my favorite photos of their play time.

Today was a girls' day out and Rigby and I went to my friend's stable so that Rigby could meet her Auntie Lin and Auntie Cindy.  She took her toys and played, showed off her skills and was spoiled by both of the ladies.  Lin prepared a nice salad for lunch and we had a very pleasant visit.

Rigby really liked Auntie Lin!!


  1. The photos of Rigby and Rocky's play sessions are great!She is a very busy pup, love following all her adventures.

    1. Rigby and I are having a lot of fun together, but she is growing up too fast! I'm making sure to enjoy her as much as possible and take lots of photos to remember these early days! That's why I love the blog, I'll be able to look back and remember all those little things! Happy New Year!!