Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rigby and the puppy in the mirror - 12 weeks old

This week I'm going to let the pictures speak more than me, so enjoy Rigby turning 12 weeks old!

Rigby and I went back to the training building today and she again had fun playing with "the puppy in the mirror."  I brought my camera hoping to catch some cute shots and here's what I saw...

I think she wanted the toy in the mirror.
This is Rigby with me.

Racing with herself!

Here's a few cute shots to show how Rigby is looking at 12 weeks old.

This is the face I see when Rigby is ready to train!

Rigby also made another trip to my office this week and I got some photos of her with the office staff.

Jill with Rigby

Leslie and Rigby

Sherry with Rigby

Then Rigby explored some of the Christmas decorations in the office.

Checking out the snowman.

Exploring her first Christmas tree.
Trying to steal all the presents!

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