Sunday, December 16, 2012

Positive Changes and a Very Big Week

Although I posted to this blog yesterday about Rigby's first day of tracking I still wanted to write my weekly post, as this was a very eventful week in many ways for my growing pup!

Monday Rigby went to the vet and got a good report on her health and her development so far.  As most things involving this pup, it couldn't be an uneventful trip.  

I left at 5:00 for a 6:30 appointment, which should have given me plenty of time, but it was a dark and stormy night (no kidding) and, apparently, a dump truck had dumped a load of sand on the interstate I was traveling and traffic came to a standstill for over 20 minutes and crawled along for another 15, making us late for our appointment.  Luckily, the vet was able to still see Rigby, so at least it wasn't a wasted trip.

From the time Rigby came home with me she has been a very busy pup, always into something, very curious and constantly using her sharp teeth on anything that comes within reach.  Last Sunday I said to Dan that I just wished she could lay down and chew a toy on the couch, as any time she was out of her crate and playing she just never stopped, and if you tried to pet her while she was playing she'd turn those razor teeth on your hand, just too much stimulation, I guess.

I should have expressed that wish earlier, as saying it out loud seemed to make it happen.  Monday morning during her play time Rigby brought a toy over, laid down beside me and chewed on her toy.  Since then this has become a normal occurrence and she even has started to enjoy all the petting.  This breakthrough has really added a new dimension to our relationship and playing with Rigby has become even more fun.

This week Rigby proved that she is able to descend the 12 stairs from the living room to the basement, as well as climb them, which saves me from carrying her down those steps several times a day.  She is a very clever pup, always learning new things.

Our walks through the neighborhood have also become much more enjoyable in the past few days as Rigby seems to have become a bit more brave (or maybe more comfortable with her surroundings) and she is walking with more confidence, strutting along the way.

Rigby in her first tracking lesson.
Rigby met some dogs this week and handled this very well.  Besides the Standard Poodle, the Giant Schnauzer and the Dalmatian in our tracking group, she also met a Weimaraner while she was at the park on Saturday.  She showed very little fear and, in fact, seemed comfortable with all those large dogs.

Today Rigby had a play date with Jackson, a young Corgi who lives only about a 5-minute car ride from our home.  Jackson and Rigby ran and played in Jackson's fenced yard for about an hour and they played so nicely together and had such a very fun time.  I loved watching those two wear each other out!  Thanks to Linda and Sherry for inviting Rigby over to romp in their yard!

Even with all these many activities this week Rigby and I still found time for her training and she continues to improve and learn.  Watching her grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally is proving to be a learning experience for me and this week I felt I really saw her taking some large positive steps forward in her behavioral development.

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